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Realizing Extremely Relaxing Digital Home

Sunplus delivers IC solutions for multimedia home applications including DVD player, LCD TV, HD DTV, and DVB-T/S set-top-box which enable customers to build an extremely relaxing and comfortable digital home.

DVD Player ICs

  Sunplus DVD player SoC solutions with advanced features help the DVD manufacturers build cost-effective and competitive products to create a high definition audio/video experience.

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Set-Top-Box ICs

  Sunplus STB turnkey solutions with low power consumption, easy-to-use user interface and rich features enable consumers to enjoy borderless digital TV programs.

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TV/Monitor ICs

  Sunplus TV IC solutions support different standards of digital TV and multimedia TV while delivering excellent audio and video quality to show you the power and beauty.

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Sunplus IP Solutions


Sunplus IP solutions help the IC designers build cost-effective and competitive products, creating a high quality and fast time-to-market experience for SoC projects.

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