Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee Welfare

The employees are the most valuable assets to Sunplus. The company complies with relevant labor laws and regulations, and establishes internal rules and measures to protect the legal rights and interests of employees. We care our employees that we are devoted to provide comfortable facilities for a joyful working environment for employees.


Sunplus offers competitive compensation to retain our employees. In addition, the company allocates fixed ratio from monthly revenues and income of scraps to the Employee Welfare Fund for conducting welfare affairs such as travel allowances, gift certificates for employees’ birthday, festivals and the Chinese New Year.

Annual Leave Policy

Sunplus’ annual leave policy benefits employees better than according to laws and regulations that they can apply their leave easily when necessary.

Career Insurance

Sunplus provides labor insurance and national health insurance for all employees according to relevant laws and regulations. Moreover, the company provides package insurance including medical insurance, cancer insurance, life insurance and accident insurance to all employees and their relatives (alternatively) for better insurance coverage.


Sunplus has a pension plan for all employees in compliance with “Labor Standard Act” and “Labor Pension Act”, that the company makes monthly contributions to the personal pension fund of Bureau of Labor Insurance, which helps to maintain a lifestyle after retirement for employees.

Training and Development

Sunplus provides comprehensive training program from on-board training, professional job training to self-growth learning. The various learning resources can help employees improve their professional ability and personal growth.

Professional Training

Case study and development training designed by supervisor managers are provided to increase employees’ professional knowledge and skills in Sunplus.

Management Training

Sunplus organizes a series of leadership and management courses allowing the development of excellent management skills to lead the Sunplus crew in continued growth.


Sunplus provides various self-growth activities such as languages learning classes, art lectures and leisure clubs that employees can keep learning and improving themselves.

Employee Relations

Sunplus has nice relationship with employees and values the opinions from employees.  the company holds internal meetings between management and employees periodically in which employees can express their opinions directly, or employees cab email to management whenever they have any idea or proposal regarding the company business and operations that the management will respond and adopt those email constantly.

Comfortable Working Environment

Sunplus is devoted to provide comfortable working environment with convenient facilities for employees to balance life on job and after work.

Health Improvement

Sunplus holds various kinds of activities in order to improve employees' health, for example, monthly on-site doctor service, classes of health knowledge and sports competition with its subsidiaries every year that help employees develop exercise habit with healthy life all the time.

Work-Life Balance

Sunplus cares about employees and their relatives. We holds regularly activities like Family Day for gathering, free movies, marathon race and domestic travel for releasing employees’ pressure from work and gathering employees’ loyalty to the company.

Leisure Facilities

Sunplus provides leisure facilities and services such as cafe, convenient store, lunchroom, fitness center in the company that employees can enjoy those facilities nearby. The fitness center is well-equipped with facilities such as table tennis, pool game, KTV, reading library and gym with professional coaches for gym services, yoga and dance class. Furthermore, Sunplus hires blind massagists providing massage therapist to the employees after work. In addition, weekly on-site services including banking, insurance and travel agency are provided that employees can deal with those specialists inside Sunplus conveniently.

Workplace Safety

Sunplus sets up working environment and related facilities better than standard regulations. According to relevant laws and regulations, Sunplus has allocated sole-duty organization and employees in executing the matters regarding the workplace safety, security and sanitation. The company examines and checks periodically to ensure the safety and sanitation of workplace and facilities.In addition, Sunplus promotes the establishment of occupational safety and health management system, and has obtained ISO45001: 2018 and CNS15506: 2011 (TOSHMS, Taiwan occupational safety and health management system), two certifications of occupational safety and health management system in 2019; responding to TOSHMS Revised to CNS45001: 2018, the new version has been converted and verified.

Health Care

Sunplus cares about all employees’ health. We offer regular health examinations for employees and special health examinations for employees in specific tasks with higher perception than laws. Furthermore, Sunplus subcontracts to “Hsinchu Lifeline 1995" for psychological counseling to assist employees in releasing emotional pressure and depress.

Emergency Call Training

Sunplus holds regularly trainings for emergency call to help employees be familiar with all emergency measures in order to reduce the damage if any disasters.