Department Job Description
Chairman Office
  1. Engaging the strategic alliances
  2. Planning and executing investment plans
  3. Arranging Board of Directors Meetings
CEO Office
  1. Establishing company’s operational strategies, and goals
  2. Auditing and improving the operating performances
  3. Communicating with investors, public and media
  4. Executing and managing the strategic alliances
  5. Managing strategic investments
Internal Auditor
  1. Executing internal auditing plan as routine
  2. Auditing subsidiaries regularly
  3. Auditing special cases
  4. Re-certification auditing of self-examination
  5. Establishing the internal control system
Home Entertainment Business Unit
  1. Developing world-class audio and video solutions
  2. Managing sales channels and distributors and providing customer services
  3. Marketing and expanding business worldwide
  4. Conducting production, material control, International trading affairs
  5. Developing and handling quality assurance system
  6. Planning new products and engaging cutting-edge technologies
  7. Maintaining testing software and facility
Administration Unit
  1. Conducting general administration
  2. Managing human resources and personnel
  3. Establishing corporate information service to upgrade the productivity
  4. Automating of business process to be more competitive
  5. Consulting for management to making business decisions
Finance & Accounting Division
  1. Managing finance & accounting affairs
  2. Arranging annual shareholders’ meeting
Legal & IP Division
  1. Coordinating the legal and IP affairs
  2. Controlling the project procedures and design documents
  3. Conserving company confidential documents
  4. Purchasing, maintaining librarianship
  5. Conducting contracts & IP management