Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Contribution

Sunplus encourages employees to participate in social contribution. The company holds charity activities and inspires employees taking action to make contributions.

Charity Donation

Sunplus cares about disadvantaged minorities and encourages our employees take action to care those minorities. Sunplus has cooperated with "Taiwan Found for Children and Families (TFCF)" in Hsinchu Branch Office for years that Sunplus’ employees provide financial assistance by monthly donation to the impoverished aboriginal children in Taoshan, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County to get better opportunities for school.

Blood donation activity

Sunplus holds the blood donation activities regularly to encourage employees donate blood to help people.

Academic Donation

Education is the fundamental for developing new technologies and applications in electronics industry. To foster technical competence on system-on-chip design for students in colleges in Taiwan, Sunplus not only donated to related academic activities but also co-sponsored the “Sunplus Cup System-on-Chip Design Competition” with its subsidiaries to strengthen the students’ professional design skills and breed the talents.