Quality and Environment

Quality Policy

Sunplus continuously improves quality to supply customer with satisfying products and services, and has been ISO-9001 certified since June 2000.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Sunplus has been ISO-14001 certified since September 2004. As a leading IC design company, taking good care of employees without fail is the major responsibility and first priority of Sunplus. To adhere to the conception of "Earth Vision", Sunplus has established the environment protection system for fulfilling policies, social responsibilities and obligations, and promises and declares to:

  • Have priority to choose suppliers with environmentally responsible and also believe that such registration can benefit the Earth.
  • Keep protecting environment and preventing pollution based on the related regulations of government and customers.
  • Expand this awareness as the responsibility of every employee of Sunplus.
  • Establish environmental management system to verify and examine the validity of operation.

Sony Green Partner

Sunplus has successfully established an environmental management system that has met the requirements of the Sony Green Partner Program.
(FC NO: FC007481 Validated Date: 20191130)

Hazardous Substances Free (HSF) Policy

To reduce the environmental impact of E-Waste, Sunplus supplies customers with hazardous substances free (HSF) and satisfying products. The products of Sunplus are compliant with international decrees and other customer requirements since 2007, and Sunplus has been IECQ QC080000 certified since December 2007.