Ultra Low Power ECG Sensor AFE IC

The 3-channel ECG readout IC SPPH5830 is an ultra-low power solution for small size, autonomous, battery-powered wearable ECG acquisition systems. It is a highly integrated solution offering all the functionality for acquiring bio-potential signals,requiring only a limited number of external components. The biasing is generated completely internally requiring only a few external capacitors (<1uF each) for noise filtering. All the internal clocking can be derived from a single 32kHz input clock.

The SPPH5830 is extremely suited for wearable solutions for measuring electrocardiogram.


  • 3-channel ECG AFE
  • Ultra-Low Power
  • Motion Artifact Reduction
  • Licensed from IMEC
  • High performance analog readout:
    -CMRR: >100dB (SPPH5830 performance)
    -Common mode input impedance: >300MΩ(@50Hz)
    -Noise:<1.6μVrms RTI (0.05Hz~512Hz)