Press Release
Sunplus Submitted to Be Listed on TSE
Fabless IC company Sunplus' revenue and the price of stock performed exceptionally well and it became a listed company on Taiwan's over-the-counter stock exchange in Sep.1997. Because the company reached the standard requirement to be listed on the TSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange), it submitted the application of its publication to TSE on Aug.2, 1999.

In 1998, Sunplus' sales and the income from operation reached NT$ 2.7billion & NT$978 million respectively. After tax income was NT$955 million. The company announced 67% stock dividend from NT$1.84billion to NT$ 2.69 billion on July 30,1999. In 1999, forecast of the company's sales is NT$34.15 million. Income after tax is NT$ 11.6 million.