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Sunplus Reveal World's First DVD Recordable Solution SPHE7300ARV to Receive DivX Certified Encoder Status

Sunplus Creates Platform for High-Powered DVD-Recordable Device that Captures DivX video to DVD Media

San Diego, CA and Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 06, 2006 - Sunplus, one of the leading IC suppliers for consumer electronics products, today announced that it has created the first DVD-Recordable Platform to receive DivX Encoder Certification. Devices built upon the Sunplus platform will be able to record natively and directly to DVD media using DivX video, increasing significantly the high quality video each disk can hold. The Sunplus SPHE7300ARV is also DivX Certified at the Home Theater Profile and will give Consumer Electronics OEMs added flexibility to use this solution in multiple products.

Sunplus has long been an official DivX partner with a number of DivX Certified IC solutions for DVD players. By extending that partnership to the DivX Encoder Certification program, Sunplus is among the first integrated circuit suppliers to offer electronics manufactures a full-featured, advanced DivX encoding experience.

"DivX is very happy to continue our mutually beneficial relationship with Sunplus by working together to bring DivX Encoder Certified solutions to consumer electronics OEMs around the world," said Bill Holmes, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at DivX, Inc. "Sunplus' early adoption of DivX encoding technology will provide significant value to OEMs looking to implement a full-featured, high-performance DVD recorder solution that enables consumers to create and playback DivX video."

"Sunplus is pleased to have one of the first DivX encoding capabilities on a single-chip DVD recorder processor, further validating our leadership in this rapidly growing market," said Yarn-Chen Chen, president of Sunplus. "DivX is among the world's most popular video compression technologies with over 200 million downloads worldwide, so we're pleased to support this feature in the evolving digital home."

Products that bear the DivX Certified logo have undergone a rigorous testing program to ensure interoperability, security and visual quality. DivX Certified products enable consumers to create, play and share high-quality video content across a range of devices and platforms. Over 50 million DivX Certified chips from a variety of manufacturers are estimated to have shipped worldwide.

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