Press Release
Sunplus Introduces USB & PS/2 Controller SPCP826A Series for
PC Peripheral Control like Optical and Laser Mice

TAIPEI COMPUTEX 2006, June 06, 2006 - Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd. ("Sunplus") (TAIEX: 2401, FTSE: SUPD), a world-leading consumer IC design company, today introduced its full/low speed USB and PS/2 controller SPCP826A series which supports mouse, game pad, joystick, or data download/upload applications. The SPCP826A is an OTP version which provides customers the product differentiation, and SPCP26A is a Mask ROM version which offers the cost effective solutions. Sunplus is showing the SPCP826A's unique features during COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2006, June 6-10 2006, at Taipei World Trade Center HALL1 #D432.

The Sunplus SPCP826A series has two hardware PS/2 engines offering an easy way to handle PS/2 protocols. It has a built-in Sunplus 8-bit CPU core running up to 12 MHz clock rate. It features 16 Kbytes of One-Time-Program memory and 384 bytes of RAM. The SPCP826A series, not only fulfills all PC peripheral controller requirements, but also includes the full service and supports from Sunplus. The solutions for Avago's Laser mouse and Optical mouse are available in Mask ROM version as SPCA26A-800 and SPCA26A-700.

"The SPCP826A is the cost effective and high quality solution for PC peripheral control, especially the Laser and Optical mice." said Mr. Yi-Lu Zhao, the Marketing Director of Controller & Peripheral BU in Sunplus. "Customers can easily differentiate their products design and meet the time-to-market requirement with OTP version as well as meet the cost target with Mask ROM version, SPCP26A. As the result of joint development efforts with Avago Technologies, the leading optical sensor company, Sunplus offers SPCP26A-700 and -800 which fits Avago's optical and laser mice sensors."

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