Press Release
Sunplus Presents the IC Turnkey Solution for the Next Generation DVD Recorder
Accomplished by Sunplus MPEG1/2/4/DivX Codec SPHE7300 & DVD RW Servo Chip SPHE6100
Las Vegas, January 8, 2007 - Sunplus, the leading IC supplier for consumer electronics products, today announced that its new back-end MPEG Codec chip SPHE7300 and front-end DVD RW Servo Chip SPHE6100 for DVD recorder solution is among the first dual chip DVD recorder solutions to deliver the most advanced fully duplex MPEG1/2/4/DivX video encode and decode with DDCE/MP3/AAC/PCM audio encode and Dolby/DTS/WMA/MP3 audio eecode functions. The newly launched SPHE7300 MPEG codec will bring DVR system makers to a new level of building DVD eecorder or PVR solutions, with cutting edge digital media experience by enabling next generation video and audio advanced features implemented in SPHE7300. Sunplus newly front-end DVD RW servo chip SPHE6100 is one of the most advanced servo chip to perform the best video& audio quality read and write functions to all kind of DVD discs.

Key elements of SPHE7300, in addition to state-of-the-art MPEG1/2/4/DivX video and audio codec, is a highly integrated chip for different applications, such as USB, card reader, 1394 DV, HDD, DVD RW loader, analog tuner, digital broadcasting, and HDMI connections. With SPHE7300's rich functions and SPHE6100's good DVD read and write capability, and user-friendly Interface, Sunplus offers a fully reliable and easy-to-adopt DVD recorder turnkey solution to the market!

Besides having DVD recorder turnkey solution, Sunplus also offers DVR with ATSC add-on solution for US DVR market that US FCC mandate required. For such ATSC DVR is also applied to Sunplus LCD-TV SPV7030 solution as an add-on module to become the most advanced leading ATSC DTV solution with Recordable function for US market.

"We're delighted to continue our strong and mutually beneficial relationship with Sunplus' customers by working together to bring DVD Recorder solutions to consumer electronics OEMs, ODMs, and brand name makers around the world," said Ho-Jung Ou, the General Manager of Home Entertainment Business Unit of Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.. "The real value of Sunplus DVD recorder turnkey solution lies in extending the powerful, rich features embedded to provide consumers with an interoperable, customizable easy-to-use user interface, and all formats, all discs recording and playback compliant digital entertainment experience across all range of devices and platforms."

"Sunplus keeps to develop the IC and system solutions for the next generation consumer electronics devices, which will offer true convergence and interoperability along with the performance and advanced functionality users have come to expect. Sunplus DVR with ATSC and Sunplus ATSC DTV with Recordable function are definitely strong steps in that direction" said C.C. Huang, the Chairman of Sunplus Technology.

The SPHE7300-based model is demonstrated at Sunplus' booth #71671, Sands Expo, during January 8-11.

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