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Sunplus Introduces SPCA565A, the First VGA PC Camera SoC and SPCA525A, 1.3MP PC Camera Controller
TAIPEI COMPUTEX 2006, June 06, 2006 - Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd. ("Sunplus") (TAIEX: 2401, LSE: SUPD), a world-leading consumer IC design company, today introduced its fully integrated PC camera SoC SPCA565A, which is a USB1.1 interfaced VGA CMOS images sensor and processor, and PC camera controller SPCA525A, which is a USB2.0 interfaced image processor supports up to 1.3 million pixels image sensors. Sunplus is showing the SPCA565A and SPCA525A's unique features during COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2006, June 6-10 2006, at Taiwan World Trade Center HALL1 #D432.

The Sunplus SPCA565A is the very first highly integrated System-on-a-Chip PC-camera solution in the market. It is embedded with VGA (640x480) CMOS image sensor, color process engine, JPEG encoder, USB1.1 transceiver, 10-bit ADC for audio recording and power regulator. Up to 30 frames per second of quality VGA video stream is achievable without additional chips other than SPCA565A.

The SPCA525A is a USB2.0 PC camera controller designed for high-end PC camera market. The built-in MPEG/JPEG encoder and 8-bit MCU enable it to meet the capture of up to 1.3MP still image, 30 fps of VGA motion picture and 16-bit audio ADC. It is fully compliant with USB Video Class 1.0 and USB audio Class 1.0. The SPCA525A is compatible with multiple CMOS image sensors.

"SPCA565A is the very first VGA PC camera SoC in the market which provides the best cost performance ratio to the PC camera and web camera manufacturers." said Dr. Charn-Long Lee, the Marketing Manager of Personal Entertainment BU in Sunplus. "Or, they can choose SPCA525A for high-end PC camera solution."

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