Press Release
Sunplus Is Listed on the London Stock Exchange
A fabless IC company, Sunplus successfully launched its Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs) on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol "SUPD ". Sunplus is the first Asian IC design company to issue GDRs.

Sunplus is offering 20,000,000 new shares of common stock and the selling shareholders are offering 15,000,000 exiting shares through UBS Warburg as underwriter for subscription and sale. The selling shareholders will sell up to an additional 5,000,000 exiting shares together with the new shares and sale shares. The new shares and sale shares, offered pursuant to the offer, will be evidenced by 17,500,000 GDRs and option shares, offered pursuant to the offer, will be evidenced by 2,500,000 GDRs. Each GDR represents 2 common Sunplus shares. Payment for the GDRs will be in US dollars at a price of US$9.57 each. The total value of Sunplus new shares in the offer will be US$95.7 million.

The company intends to use the proceeds for the construction of a new office building and the purchasing of new equipment to expand the scale of the company in the next 5 years, and to invest in related business for the company's long tern growth.

Sunplus is the largest consumer IC design company in Taiwan. In 2000, Sunplus' sales were NT$6274 million. Income after tax was NT$2177 million.