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Agilent Technologies and Sunplus Technology to Collaborate on
Next-Generation Optical Mouse Solutions
Development to Focus on High-Integration System Chips, Enabling Lower-Cost, Higher-Performance Optical Computer Mice
PALO ALTO, Calif., and HSINCHU, Taiwan, Aug. 12, 2005 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Sunplus Technology (TSE:2401, LSE: SUPD), a leading consumer IC design company in Taiwan, today announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the co-development of a new generation of highly integrated PC optical mouse system chips.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sunplus will redirect its PC optical mouse sensor development to focus on the joint design engagement with Agilent. The companies will develop a series of highly integrated systems-on-chips (SOCs) that combine Agilent's optical mouse sensor technology with Sunplus' micro-controller intellectual property cores. The new system chips are expected to enable mouse manufacturers to achieve new levels of product performance and design flexibility. The first sample chips are expected by mid-year 2006. Reference design kits and a wide range of bundled optical mouse solutions will also be developed.

"This collaboration is beneficial for both companies and for consumers," said Chen Yarn Chen, president of Sunplus Technology. "We believe the combination of Agilent's navigation sensor and digital signal-processing technology with our micro-controller core IP will deliver unparalleled SOC performance to the worldˇŚs mouse manufacturers and consumers."

"Our teaming with Sunplus will allow us to advance optical mouse technology to the next level much more quickly," said Ngoh Kee Hane, vice president and general manager of the Navigation Products Division in Agilent's Semiconductor Products Group. "By offering a more highly integrated single-chip solution, an entirely new generation of LED and laser mouse sensor solutions will be made possible."

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