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Sunplus Monthly Consolidated Sales Report November 2018

Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, December 10, 2018 - Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd. ("Sunplus" or "the Company") (TWSE: 2401, LSE: SUPD) today announced that consolidated net sales for November  2018totaled NT$433million, a decrease of 23.63% compared to the same month in 2017. 

Consolidated Sales Report of November 2018

Unit: NT$K

Net Sales-January 509,036 428,338 18.84
Net Sales-February
Net Sales-March                        574,768                       622,911
Net Sales-April                        599,094                       599,963                           -0.14
Net Sales-May                        618,778                       591,555                            4.60
Net Sales-June                        580,781                       638,057                           -8.98
Net Sales-July                        590,668                       579,364                            1.95
Net Sales-August                        519,128                       621,318                         -16.45
Net Sales-September                        433,172                       648,179                         -33.17
Net Sales-October                          452,717                       566,071                         -20.02
Net Sales- November                        432,973                       566,948                         -23.63
Year-to-Date Revenue

*Note 1: In accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Sunplus announces only consolidated net sales from January 2013. The consolidated entities include Sunplus and its controllable subsidiaries. 

*Note 2: The figures have not been audited yet.
*Note 3:Sunplus lost control of the subsidiary, iCatchtek Co. in August 2018.iCatchtek Co. is no longer a subsidiary in Sunplus’s consolidated financial statements.iCatchtek’s revenue is also no longer in Sunplus’s consolidated revenue.

About Sunplus

Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 2401, LSE: SUPD), established in 1990, is a leading chip provider for multimedia and automotive applications such as DVD player, portable DVD player, home entertainment audio products, car infotainment and advanced driving assistance system(ADAS). Meanwhile Sunplus is offering high-speed I/O IP, high performance data conversion IP, and analog IP for a broad range of applications on consumer, portable, and connected devices for Sunplus has been accumulating strong IP technologies on consumer and multimedia segments. Sunplus is headquartered in Taiwan and has service offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. For more information, please visit Sunplus website at

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