Press Release
Sunplus Liquidated Its Wholly-owned Subsidiary “Sunplus mMobile”

Release DateJanuary 19, 2022

Sunplus Technology held a press conference on the stock exchange this
afternoon to announce that the board of directors passed the resolution to
liquidate its 100% owned subsidiary
Sunplus mMobile Inc.(Sunplus

Sunplus mMobile was established in Dec. 2006. Its main business is the
development and sales of 3G mobile phone chips and personal entertainment
 chips. The personal entertainment business was split and transferred to
 Sunplus mMedia Inc. in April 2007, and the mobile phone business was split
 and transferred to HT mMobile Inc. in March 2009. At the same time, the
 capital reduction was processed. All relevant employees were transferred to
the respective transfer companies, and only part of the intellectual property
 rights were retained. Since 2011, there has been no sales income, only a
small amount of income from the sale of patents. The share capital was NT$
 162,400,000 at Dec. 31 2021 and the total shareholders' equity was NT$

As the market value of 3G related intellectual property rights has plummeted
 with the popularization of 4G ,5G technologies, Sunplus mMobile has no value
 to exist, so decided to liquidate it. Sunplus has recognized the investment
 profit and loss of Sunplus mMobile every month according to the equity
 method, and this liquidation has no significant impact on Sunplus financial
 report and shareholders' equity.