Press Release
Sunplus AGM Approved the Appropriation for 2011 Losses and Elected the 9th Board of Directors and Supervisors
Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, June 18th, 2012 - Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd. (SUNPLUS or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2401, LSE: SUPD), today held the annual general shareholders’ meeting, at which shareholders approved major resolutions as follows:
  1. Shareholders accepted the 2011 business report and financial statements. Net sales for 2011 were NT$3,600 million, and net loss after tax for 2011 were NT$1,985 million, with net loss per share of NT$3.37.
  2. Shareholders approved the appropriation for 2011 losses.
  3. Shareholders approved the amendment of the “Article of Incorporation”.
  4. Shareholders approved the amendment of the “Procedures for the Acquisition or Disposal of Assets”.
  5. Shareholders approved the amendment of the “Operational Procedures for Loaning Funds to Others”.
  6. Shareholders approved the amendment of the “Procedure of Engaging in Derivatives Trading”.
  7. Shareholders approved to issue restricted stocks for employees.
  8. Shareholders elected SUNPLUS' 9th board of directors and supervisors. The six directors are Chou-Chye Huang, Wen-Shiung Jan, Global View Co., Ltd., Higher Way Electronic Co., Ltd., Po-Young Chu and Che-Ho Wei. Two of these new directors, Po-Young Chu and Che-Ho Wei, are elected as independent directors. The three supervisors are De-Zhong Liu, Wei-Min Lin and Pei-Yu Lee. The newly elected members of SUNPLUS 9th board will have three-year term of office from June 27, 2012 till June 26, 2015.
  9. Shareholders lifted the ban to directors against joining competitor.