Highly Integrated Audio Processor with DSP

Sunplus SPHE8107 is a highly-integrated Audio Processor embedded 32-bits RISC processor with DSP. It is perfect chip solution for karaoke, soundbar and boom box with high-performance stereo audio quality and greatest audio/sound effect.


  • Embedded 32-bits RISC Processor and DSP
  • In-System programming through USB/UART interface
  • Supoort S/PDIF input/output
  • 2-channel 16-bits audio ADC input and 2-channel 24-bits audio DAC output
  • Support I2S in/out
  • Support ARC/CEC
  • Support LPCM,PCM, WMATM playback, MPEG1/2 layer1/2, MPEG2.5 playback(w/optional down-mixing)
  • Support equalization, surround, special sound field, music spectrum and auto volum leveling
  • Support adio fade in/out
  • Embedded USB full speed host
  • Support MS/SD/MMC card and SPI flash memory
  • Support SARADC
  • 24.576MHz crystal driver
  • IR support


  • Karaoke
  • Soundbar
  • Boom Box