Portable Media Player up to 1080P

Sunplus SPHE8202 series is a highly-integrated DVD SoC. It incorporates a high-performance 32-bit RISC, DVD/CD servo controller, MPEG transport stream demux, 4-ch multi-format TV-encoder and stereo audio quality DAC along with greatest audio/sound effect.


  • Integrated Servo controller
  • Enhanced NTSC/PAL video decoder and auto detection
  • Enhanced multi-standard VBI data decoder, Teletext 1.5, WSS, VPS
  • Supports S/PDIF input/output and audio analog input/output
  • Support Key Shift of 2 channels and equalization, reverb and special sound field
  • Embedded USB High Speed Host for USB applications
  • Support MS/SD/MMC card and dual card interface for card to card copy application
  • Embedded 32-bit RISC Processor
  • One transport de-multiplexer support DVB standards
  • Multi-format video decoder up to 1080P resolution
  • High quality video processing with scaling engine
  • OSD Engine: support 256 indexed color and bi-linear scaling up
  • Embedded LCD Timing Controller(TCON): support dual LVDS panel for HD display
  • Embedded TV encoder and built-in SARADC
  • Display
     De-interlacing of interlaced video source
     Flexible vertical interpolation and horizontal interpolation with optional CIF filter
     Powerful cropping and panning effect


  • Portable Media Player